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my first fan fic

Kirk sprang awark in his hotel bed. the same dream had awoken him from his sleep. he shook his head as the images kept flashing into his head one after the other.

he remembered the last time he'd had dreams like this, and he cursed the day his mother had told him he had psychic abilities in 1986. she had tried to explain the dreams he had been having at the time. still this time he was praying that they were only dreams.

groaning lightly he unpeeled his lovers arms from around his waist, and climbed gently out of the bed, as to not wake the man he was madly in love with from the peaceful slumber which he enjoyed. he searched around for his clothes, and smiled softly to himself when he located his underwear from the lampstand where they had been thrown in the heat of last nights passion. as he opened the door he glanced back at the bed where his lover lay sleeping without a care in the world. again he prayed that his dream was just a dream.

he left the hotel and decided to let the wind decide the direction he was going to wander in.

as he walked memories of his last lover flooded into his mind. he remembered the thick red hair, and deep blue eyes in which he was able to drown in every time he looked in them. he shuddered as he recalled the argument they'd had the night before his lover had been killed. tears began to fall as he remembered losing the argument by drawing cards. they had all laughed as he had sulked and pouted. they didnt understand, they didnt have his dreams. cliff had insisted he sleep alone that night, and Kirk had lain in his bunk praying that tonight wouldnt be the night. he couldnt remember much else from that night, except for his dreams becoming the living nightmare that had claimed his lovers life.

the sun had begun to rise on the horizon, and Kirk shook his head. "No. this time it would be different, they will not come true". again the images of fire and pain burned into his minds eye. "NO" he wasnt going to lose the second man he had loved. he shook away the images and glanced at his surroundings. he was confused to find he was back the the hotel. he wondered why, then he remembered that the streets of Montreal were grid like. four lefts and you were back where you started.

he returned to his room. his lover was awake, and greeted him like a drowning man would greet air.
"Missed you earlier, where were you?"
"Out walking" Kirk replied.
"You have another dream? was it the same one?" his lover asked in the voice that never failed to make Kirk's heart melt.
"Yea" He replied as he shook his head trying to remove the images of fire, intense heat, and the smell of burning flesh.
"Dont worry, i'll be fine, nothing can go wrong" His lover said confidently, as he walked naked towards the showers.
these words coupled with the sight of his naked lovers tight ass walking seductively towards the bathroom door did nothing to soothe the uneasieness that remain within Kirk. the uneasiness that continued to nag him for the rest of the day.

he was onstage, and he could hear the opening chords to 'Fade To Black', suddenly Kirk knew. this was it. today was the day. he scanned the stage frantically, looking at where the pyro usually was for any sign of his lover. he wasnt there. his lover was standing in the wings of the stage, with his eyes closed, completely lost in the music he was creating.

Kirk breathed a sigh of relief, as he started the solo for the song. he kept playing almost lost in the music until a random memory of that day flashed into his head... the pyro guy had been saying something about the pyro. kirk tried to remember. it was hard. he had been busy making out with his lover when the guy was talking. something about the pyro being moved. he racked his brains. and as the pyro started to fire and he caught sight of his lover, he remembered.

it had been moved to the wings.

can you guess who Kirk's lover is???
this is my first ever attempt at fan fic, so sorry if its kinda crappy. i cant sleep and thought i would mess about online and actually write this.
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